This game is all about collecting leaves! And if you abuse the bugs/"features" in the levels you will even get GOLDEN leaves! Sounds awesome right?

If you want to see how the game was created, check out the video to the game. :)

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idk how to even pass the second level



the video is private :(


The general experience was quite great.
You have a nice menu and great graphics/ music.
The level them self felt a little short lived and level 6 is a bit hard to understand.

For some platforming advice I'd suggest to make the space in which you can jump a bit larger. I had moments standing on the edge of a platform and couldn't jump.

Beside these, I think the game I great and that you but in 6 secrets is a real plus.

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Thanks for the feedback! Yeah I invested a whole day of the jam to create the YouTube video about it instead of working on the game. Great mistake tbh. But I have learned from it and will improve in the future. :)

P.S. I actually updated the game right now and the jump feels way better. Thank you!


I Finished the game, had fun, didn't get a single golden leaf haha



Oh god. Yeah it is really hard evaluating the difficulty of a level if you have no playtesters available. Especially in a game jam. Thanks for the feedback! I will learn from it and now play your game. :)


Cool game! I think it was cool that I could get the enemy to disable the wall for me.

However I got stuck on level 6 because I couldn't reach the leaf, I don't really understand how everything works and why the platforms become green etc.

But I think the main menu looked really neat!

Thank you very much! The only thing I am really really proud of is the main menu. xD So that compliment means the world to me. Sorry for the inconvenience in level 6. I just left most of the bugs I had in the game beacause of time issues and the theme of the game jam. In retrospective I should have spent more time on polishing the gameplay instead of the Main Menu.